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Volunteer Policy

Compass recognizes the importance of parent and community involvement in all aspects of our educational and extracurricular school programming. Volunteers contribute to the success of our schools and allow schools to expand many programs and activities. A volunteer is defined as someone who is not employed by Compass, and who, for no compensation, wishes to be involved in school activities or programs four (4) or more times during the school year, or who wishes to participate in overnight school activities or trips.

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Compass requires that:

  1. Any volunteer who will be in schools, or associated with any school program in any capacity four or more times during the year, or who plans to participate in overnight activities or trips, will submit fingerprints to allow for a background check at the expense of the school. Administrators of each school will maintain records of volunteers and their number of visits to the school.
  2. All volunteers comply with all policies and regulations set forth by the school or Compass that involve the safety of students.
  3. All volunteers notify the school Principal, Director or Secretary when on school property.
  4. All volunteers work under the direction and supervision of a school employee.



  • Volunteers must check in with school secretary or director
  • Secretaries shall monitor volunteer hours
  • Any volunteer who will be in schools four or more times per school year, or participate in overnight trips, must be fingerprinted.

Fingerprinting process:

  • Volunteer must complete Applicant’s Oath and leave with secretary
  • Secretary provides fingerprint card to volunteer
  • Volunteer completes fingerprinting at local police station
  • Volunteer returns finger print card to secretary
  • Secretary maintains dated records for tracking purposes. For example, this may be a spreadsheet noting volunteer name, volunteer dates, receipt of applicant oath, submission of fingerprints to Compass and CBI results.
  • Secretary submits finger print card to Compass for payment and mailing
  • Compass informs secretary of results and maintains confidential records
  • Compass informs secretary of any updated CBI information as it is available