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Compass News: Our All School Meetings

A formidable figure dressed in weathered chaps, a cowboy hat, and carrying a toy horse saunters into the Aspen Community School common area to the unsuppressed giggles of students, parents and teachers. He somehow manages to hard-face the joyful crowd as he begins to lay out a compelling argument in a distinctive drawl for students and their families to join the Compass Community at the 6th annual Hoedown in just a few weeks.    Cowboy […]

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Compass News: Teacher Spotlight – Michelle Bassi

Fresh out of Boston College in the early ‘90s and taking a year off in Colorado, Michelle Bassi was determined not to be a teacher. “My mom was a teacher and my grandmother was a teacher,” she recalled. “I absolutely wasn’t going to do it, at least not at that point in my life.” However, like the tide following the moon, Bassi soon found herself at Growing Years Preschool in the early ‘90s. And while […]

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Compass News: Teacher Spotlight – Mike Mines

  Nineteen years ago, when they still held concerts at the Carbondale Community School, Mike Mines got his first glimpse of the ethos that has since defined his professional life. He came to campus to enjoy some music, but found something unexpected. “I was wandering around the school and saw a note on the board from the students, explaining how they’d negotiated a way to have basketball for a certain amount of time on the […]

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