Support Services

The Secret of “V”

No English word ends with a “v”- it is followed by and “e.” Example:  give One suspected reason for this is that before the printing press was invented people wrote a “v” with a “curly” at the end.  When the printing press was used, it was translated into “ve.”

The Two Sounds of C

/k/ will be spelled with a “c” when followed by “a,” “o,” “u,” and consonants Ex:  Cat, Cop, Cut, Clip “c” will say /s/ when followed by “e,” “i,” or “y.”  Ex:  Center City had a Cyclone


I have spent the last couple of months pondering what I should blog about weekly for Support Services.  I provide support for students kindergarten through 8th grade.  I support students with IEPs and students that need a little extra help through the RTI process. This support happens in the resource classroom or in the general education classroom.  I also help support teachers with providing modifications and accommodations to students as needed.  As the resource teacher, […]

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Welcome Back!

I have spent the summer exploring our amazing state with my family and friends.  I am very excited to get back to school and start my 4th year at CCS!