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What to do if your child experiences Anxiety: Track, Find Pattern, Strategize

Written and Reviewed by Julie Rawe and Glen Elliot, MD, PhD An anxiety log can help you spot patterns in your child’s behavior. And that can make it easier to find strategies that help your child feel less anxious. Tracking signs of anxiety in your young child or signs of anxiety in your tween or teen can also help you figure out if what you’re seeing is typical anxiety or an anxiety problem . This anxiety log, created by Understood and CHC , has three pages. Each one includes a filled-out sample. Try using them in this […]

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Through your Child’s Eyes is a website I use often professionally and personally. I especially love the “Experience It” feature they offer which creates a story about how to see particular situations through your child’s eyes. Check out the link below.

What to do if your Child is a Bully: Communicate, Cope, Look Inward

My Child Is a Bully: What Should I Do? How to find out what’s behind the bullying behavior, and foster healthy friendship skills Written by Brigit Katz Gina, the mother of a 12-year-old boy, got a disconcerting phone call from his school. A student had complained that her son was bullying him. After looking into the matter, the school staff concluded that her child had been tormenting a number of his classmates with name-calling, physical violence, […]

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What to Know if you Think Your Child is Being Bullied, Jane Howard, PhD

How to Know if Your Child Is Being Bullied What are the signs of bullying? When does the teasing become torment? Jamie Howard, PhD We are all aware that being bullied as a child is not a trivial thing. It not only causes acute suffering, it has been linked to long-term emotional problems, and children who lack strong parental support seem to encounter the most lasting damage. But we also know that it’s part of growing up to have painful […]

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~The First Few Weeks of the 2019-2020 School Year~

Hey CCS Families! I’m thrilled to be working inv my 4th year at CCS as school counselor. So far this year, I’ve have met with learning centers K-6 as a class to introduce myself and my role. Here at CCS my role as counselor is to provide Brief Solution-Based guidance. This means during 25-40 minutes sessions I help them identify a challenge, a goal and help them formulate strategies to meet this goal. I have […]

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