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6th grade Native American Assignment due Today!

Native American Report and Mini-Society Trade Use these websites https://www.native-languages.org/languages.htm https://www.ducksters.com/history/native_americans.php https://www.historyforkids.net/native-americans.html https://www.legendsofamerica.com/na-tribelist.html https://www.mrdonn.org/nativeamericans.html https://enchantedlearning.com our login and password (ccs2014) (Create a graphic organizer to record notes: Keep your information organized. Habitat Homes Dress Food Customs Tools/Weapons Art You will be writing a formal report about your tribe.  The emphasis is on the culture before Europeans.  Each category will be its own separate paragraph.  Please include 1 photo for each paragraph.  I will show you how to insert photos and […]

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What’s News 11/13/15

 What’s News The 5-6 Weekly Newsletter November 13, 2015   Language Arts/Social Studies: Next week: 6th grade will finish up Native American reports and the book Indian Captive. 5th grade will begin Native American research with a partner and finish the book Hatchet. Both groups are preparing for Native American trade day which will take place before Thanksgiving Break. Check out our blog to read about the assignments and see photos. Spelling will continue as […]

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