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Casey's Corner

Supporting student learning- the Hard Easy

The concept of the Hard Easy is simple, infectious, and powerful. The Hard Easy is doing the crucial tasks throughout your day that will make your life exponentially easier. Things like tightening down your ski boots before taking a difficult run, critter-proofing your campsite even though you are tired, or carrying a little extra weight so that you will be prepared for weather changes are examples of the Hard Easy.

This school year, teachers chose a Hard Easy commitment that would lift the level of student learning. These commitments range from keeping a clean classroom, improving lesson closure by using exit tickets, recording student data everyday, to proactive parent communication to name a few. At back to school night, parents committed to their Hard Easy; packing lunches the night before or blocking out time to read or play math games made the list. 

While the concept is simple, the impact is grand. A person who understands the Hard Easy is the type of person you want on your team: personally dialed, not creating disasters, and available to others. As a bonus, this person carries the quiet self respect that comes when you live with daily integrity. 

As we move into the new year, consider recommitting to your Hard Easy. When teachers and parents share a commitment to lift the level of learning by doing the critical tasks that make life exponentially easier, we become the people students want and need on their team. 

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