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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is a collective gift from the community to fill the gap between the State and Federal funds received and the annual operating budget of the Aspen and Carbondale Community Schools. 

The Annual Fund allows the community schools to keep class sizes small while maintaining the high quality of our successful program. Gifts from parents, grandparents, alumni families, faculty, staff, and friends directly impact the current year’s operating budget and provide crucial financial support to our school. The Annual Fund is a philanthropic opportunity to make an impact today that directly supports the people and programs that make the Community Schools a unique and unparalleled educational experience. 

Giving Levels

The Annual Fund is the most important yearly fundraising effort at the Community Schools. We aim for 100% participation from the board of trustees, current families, and faculty and staff. Gifts to the Annual Fund are a direct investment in the education of every community school student. Because dollars from the Annual Fund are flexible and immediately available, your generosity can be put to good use right now, addressing current needs and having a real impact.

How much each family contributes is a personal decision. Gifts of all sizes matter and are appreciated, they make a difference to our students and the community. The only gift too small is no gift at all!

Make a Gift Today

Leadership Levels General Support
 $25,000 & Up  — Visionaries  $1,000-$2,500 — Lifelong Learners
 $10,000-$24,999 — Innovators  $250-$999 — Advocates
 $5,000-$9,999 — Explorers  $100-$250 — Friends
 $2,500-$4,999 — Compass Leaders

 $25-$99 — Community Member


If you are interested in learning about how you can get involved with philanthropy at COMPASS and the Community Schools, or for information about the Annual Fund, please contact: Ellie Hahn, Development Director, by email or telephone: 970-923-4646 ext. 128.


2023/2024 Annual FundĀ Supporters

* Supports the Annual Fund at both ACS and CCS. 

Ann & James Ackerson
Kat Adams & Sean Solon
Diana Alcantara
Kate & Louie Allenbach
Allie & Jesse Amory
Ericka & Eric Anderson
Erin & Thomas Anderson
Joanne & Fred Anderson
Kim & Gloria Anderson
Vanessa & Fritz Anthes
Melanie & Bobby Armes
KOA Charitable Trust
Michelle & Michael Bassi
Amber & Stephan Bate
Jean Bate
Mary & Oscar Bate
Zeno Beattie
Carol & Lynn Beiswanger
Eleanor Bennett
Ella Bennett
Trevi & Jeremy Bennett
Wendy Bertolet & Jason LaPointe
Laura Beverage and Dan McClain
Kim Breslin
Kristin Bielema
Adrian Bradley and Bart Axelman *
Hilary and Hugh Brock
Linda & Jeffrey Brown
Lexi Brumder & Mark Stover
Ann & Don Brunson
Lee & Keith Bryant
Ellen & Robert Buck
Glenn Bucksbaum *
Mardell & Dr. Craton Burkholder
Marty Burns
Heidi Burtscher & James Ingram
Jeffie Butler and Kevin Sheehan *
Mallory Butler
Kay & John Callison
Amy Price Carr & Tom Carr
Patricia Chamberlain
Jessica & Nicholas Chimerakis
Theresa & Lee Chimerakis
Cathy Click & Bernard Moffroid
Carole Cliffe
Julie & Fred Closuit
Claudette Collier
Aimee and Ants Cullwick *
Dana & Brian Dalla Betta
Caty Dalton & Max Hanks
Shinta Damayanti and Ketut Siladarmawan
Isabel Day
Emma & Benoit De Francisco
Kathy & Nick DiFrank
Mary & Bill Dorais
Carrie Smalley Down & Jacob Down
Kathryn & William Drury
Christina & Sean Duffy
Ty & Richard Easley
Jesse & Eric Eisendrath
Joe Enzer *
Kathryn and Justin Erickson *
Stacy Everson & Maciej Mrotek
Sally Faison
Cathie and Davis Farrar *
Kate & John Farrell
Mary Kate & Brandon Farrell
Hilary Forsyth
Aminah & Vincent Franze
Anthony Franze
Christine Garfield & Patrick Hunter
Nathan and Christy Garfield
Molly & Andrew Gaylord
Wendy & Ritter Gaylord
Sam Richings Germain & Jeff Germain


Dianne Giancarlo
Kara & Adam Gilbert
Goddard Family
Nancy Gooding
Dale Goodman
Jessica & Joe Goodman
Candice and Jeffrey Gorsuch
Hilary Gross
Devika Gurung and Hamilton Pevec
Michael Haas
Haas Family
Molly Haberman & Andrew Wasilawski *
Virginia & Richard Haberman
Ellie and Mike Hahn *
Bill & Daryl Hahn
Kathy & Terry Hall
Dorothy Halsey
Lindsay & Chris Halsey
Brian Hanlen
Kirsten Hardy & Corey Campbell
Michael Hayes *
Velma & Patrick Henry
Kelly & Marcus Hollins
Laura & Bob Hughes
Breckie & Matthew Hunt
Joleen & Paul Incze
Julie & Ed Jenkins
Deb Jones & John Katzenberger
Jenny & Matt Jones *
Sarah and Ben Kelly
Jennifer & Philip Kendzior
Jaclyn & Christopher Keran
Pamela & Gregory Keran
Akaljeet Khalsa & Evan Zislis
Monica & Eric Kincade
Susan & Allan Kirkpatrick
Polly Koenigsknecht
Kelly & Jan Koorn
Karen & Gerhard Kuhn
Becky & Jack LaCroix
Christina and Stuart LaCroix
Cynthia & Greg Lamb
Linda & Bruce LaPointe
Lily & Ryan Larkin
Jonathan Lawson
Olga & Jamie Lawson
Elizabeth Lee-Melville
Satya Leidner
Jenn & Nick Leonard
Bryan Long
Maralynn Looney
Tracey and Ned Lucks
Heather and Chris Macdonald
Laura Maine & Javier Gonzalez Bringas
Denise Malcolm
Howie Mallory/Nora Berko Family
Mirte Mallory and Philip Jeffreys
Laurie and John McBride
Kellee McConnell Anderson and Aaron Anderson
Corri McFadden & Spiridon Tsaparas
Michael McVoy *
Guillermina Mendoza & Hector Parra
Maggie & Nathan Miller
Patricia & Mike Mines
Lieba & Mendel Mintz
John Francis Montoya, Jr
Elizabeth Moore *
River Morgan & Eden Vardy
Ric & Susanne Morrison *
Lynn and Gary Moss
Gigi Mottier
Janet & Jack Nelson
Tara and Austin Nelson
Megan & Delvon Nemechek


Starr Ni Greine
Lynn Nichols & Jim Gilchrist *
Anne and Matt Norrdin
Clare & Robert Norrdin
Abigail Ottinger
Diane & Tim Parks
Pam & Dan Payne
Patricia Pelaia
Chris & Rick Pfaffmann
Lindsay and Garry Pfaffmann
Barb Pitchford
Yosefa & Craig Platt
Carol & Edward Poirier
Erin & Colin Quinn
Kiki Raj & Chris Everson
Anna Ramirez & Javier Gonzalez
Emily & Ken Ransford
Anita Rayburn and Christopher Tudge
Fran & Chris Reither
Paula & Sandy Rhodes
Lisen and Todd Richmond
Helene Rintala
Brenda and Jonathan Rivera
Susan & Harvey Rivera
Leslie & Russ Robinson
Lindsay Yaw Rogers & Judd Rogers
Sandy & Jim Rogers
Debbie & Mike Romanus
Margaret & Dwayne Romero *
Margaret & Will Roush
Clair Rummel & Scott Wenning
Andrea Ryan
Karla Santos & Jim D'Agostino
Margo & Peter Savitz
Wido Schaefer
Monique & Vincent Schairer
Suzanne Scheer
Nancy Scheinkman & Greg Olsky
Craig Scott
Shaffran Family
Kandi & Stan Shaffran
Mary Sheehan
Maureen & John Shine
Hillary and Scott Simon
Skye Skinner & Bob Ward
Carrie Smalley & Jacob Down
Brad Snyder & Erica Borum
Kate & James Spencer
Dave & Kathy Stout
Nicole Rebeck Stout & Michael Stout
Brent & Cheryl Surowiec
Mel Sweet
Liz Tekus & Hank Roth
Joe Tekus
Natasha & Boris Tenenbaum
AJ & Michael Thompson
Kristin and Riley Tippet
Samila & Rodrigo Trevisan
Viktoria Vadenyuk & Grigory Orishko
Debra Violette
Kellyn & Eric Wardell
Serene-Marie Washburn
Ashley & Michael Wein
Kristina Weller
Lori & Paul Westhoff
Miah Wheeler
Polly Whitcomb
Casey & Joe White *
Lara & Marc Whitley
Jean Wilder
Cassidy Willey and Eric Lamb
Maggie Woods
Kathy & Michael Yang
Phyllis & Larry Yaw

Contributions are recognized according to our fiscal and academic calendar year: July 1-June 30.