Parent Reps

Who are the parent reps?
A group of parents who serve as liaisons between the classrooms and the parent community. Specifically, each parent rep is the contact person between the teacher(s) and the parents of that teacher’s class. One of the key roles of the parent rep group is to help the parent community become aware of and engaged in opportunities to participate in the school.

What do parent reps do?

The goals for the parent reps are to:

  • Support our children as lifelong learners
  • Promote school-wide community through increased communication between learning centers and families
  • Delegate jobs and responsibilities so all parents have the opportunity to participate in the school community
  • Help teachers teach by providing behind-the-scenes assistance and event coordination
  • Encourage parents with concerns to go directly to the source and seek to understand; Discourage gossip as a means of gathering information
  • Plan community-building events and activities such as Back-to-School BBQ, Teacher Appreciation lunches, El Tioga fundraisers, and other school fundraisers.

What do parent reps not do?

  • Determine curriculum
  • Plan activities on their own, without discussion with the learning center

How to Get Involved
What can you share with your school community? Do you have a special talent, skill or passion you would like to contribute? Do you enjoy building, baking, organizing, gardening, making music, mushroom hunting, mountain biking, stargazing, or any multitude of other hobbies (You get the idea…) in your spare time? There are daily, weekly, monthly and annual opportunities to share your wisdom. Please contact Principal Tom Penzel and he will put you in touch with your Parent Rep.