Back-to-School Nights
As a small school community, we strive to build strong relationships. Our back to school events are designed to do exactly that! Please join us early in the school year for a shared meal, hosted at CCS, for all CCS families.

Additionally, we host a back to school night each fall. At back to school night, parents can expect an update from the principal as well as an overview from the teachers on curriculum, assessment, outdoor education, how the classroom(s) will be structured, what students can expect, and much more. We always look forward to having parents in the classroom and we welcome any questions you may have.

El Tioga
This long-time school tradition, which is (to the surprise of many) a made-up name, is a learning center fundraiser, primarily for outdoor education trips. Every Friday, an El Tioga lunch is offered to all students for $5.

All-School Meetings
A weekly Friday tradition at CCS, All-School Meetings are a celebration of student success and an opportunity for all students to share their learning, to learn skills and address challenges that the school faces. It is also an opportunity for outside speakers and performers to come present to our community. All-School Meetings are a vital way for the entire school to come together. Parents and community members are encouraged to attend!

Cath Adams Photography

Thanksgiving Feast
The Friday before Thanksgiving is a special El Tioga, presented by the families of the 7-8 Learning Center. The whole school (students, families, and friends) sits down together at tables decorated with student writings and artwork for a sold-out Thanksgiving feast in the school’s Central Area. The event includes short presentations by each learning center on what they are thankful for.