K news January 17, 2017

Hi K Families!!!

Chris Faison  with his Apatasorous, Annie. 

We had such a special opportunity today to listen to the Cornell men’s glee club singers today at a special all-school meeting. Tomorrow is our all day fieldtrip to Aspen. Just a reminder that all the children will need


  • A bag lunch and snack
  • Water bottle
  • Winter boots
  • Snow pants
  • Coat
  • Hat and gloves


There are 2 other fieldtrips that are coming around the corner, all school ski day on February 3 at Sunlight Mountain and our k trip up Aspen Mountain with ACES on February 15th. The all school ski day is a great community day where the whole school travels to the mountain to ski, have lunch together, and celebrate winter. This trip requires heavy parent support in kindergarten since the Sunlight chairlifts are difficult to ride. I need a ratio of at least 1 parent for every 2 kids. The kids ski free and CCS offers discounted tickets for parent volunteers who do not have Sunlight pass. The first thing I need to know about your child is what their level is or if they are new to the sport. We provide free lessons for all beginning/never-ever skiers at CCS. The other kids are out into ability and grade level groups with parent chaperones. Usually the 7-8th grade-learning center provides el Tioga at the mountain for lunch. Please take a moment to fill out the attached ski day form and t=return it to me ASAP so that I can start planning for that trip.


I have been talking to the whole class about improving their focus at learning times. Many of the children have grown accustomed to bringing in toys from home to play with at free time. Historically this has not been a problem but many in the class are struggling with understanding when it is an appropriate time to play with their toys from home. I am not at the point where I am going to ban toys but I just wanted to let you know what we have been discussing at school.


This week at school we will be painting the planets with Memphis mom April. She has been a regular in our class lately leading this awesome hands on, and yes, messy, activity, so a huge thank you to her! Also thanks to Kelly, Lindsay, and Amber who also came in last week to help finish up the timelines.





Child’s name___________________________________________________________



Does your child need any rental equipment? If yes, what do they need?





If yes, what is their age, height, weight, and shoe size?





What level skier is your child, or has they never skied and will need a lesson?





Can you chaperone this fieldtrip and if so will you need us to get you a ski pass?






Will your child be riding the bus from CCS to and from the mountain or will you be driving them?





Do you or your child plan on having El Tioga that day, how many total?