K news, February 21, 2017

Hello K Families!                                                            February 21, 2017


This week at school we are on for El Tioga. I am thinking we will just go with our usual spaghetti meal unless anyone has a better idea. Please bring in your items by Friday morning and let me know if you can help prep, serve, and clean. I could use at least 4 parents but more are welcome.


Tomorrow is our rescheduled Big Event auditions. All the kids are doing one or more try-outs and parents are welcome to come watch. Try outs begin at 12:30 and hopefully the kinders will get to go first. I need a few helpers to come hang out in the k room in the afternoon with kids who do not want to stay and watch all the auditions (they last until 2:45). Please let me know if you are available tomorrow to come in and help in the room.


Also tomorrow is our 100th day of school so please send your child to school in their pajamas! Please have them bring in a collection of 100 items to share with the class. They can be glued to a poster board or sealed in a zip lock bag. If your child wants to wear something special for auditions just send that in their backpack and I will give them a chance to change after lunch. They will also need boots/sneakers and winter coats for recess.


The kinders have been learning a song about the sun with Bella’s dad, Ted. They will be performing at this Friday’s all school meeting if you would like to come and watch. This is the last all school meeting until after spring break as the Big Event will be increasingly consuming our time throughout the next month.


Thursday night from 6:30-7:30 is portfolio night and CCS open house. It is an opportunity to come and visit the classroom and sit with your child and look at their portfolio. Since I sent the portfolios home in the fall for you to assemble with your child, the kids have put some additional work and photos in them, with the help of their 6th grade buddy.


Here is the list of El Tioga ingredients I am hoping you all can donate.


Nils                             meatballs (3-4 packages)

Harper                       meatballs (3-4 packages)

Kyra                            spaghetti sauce (3-4 jars)

Gabriel                     pasta (7 boxes spaghetti)

Memphis                  garlic bread (3-4 loaves)

Bella                          spaghetti sauce (3-4 jars)

Oliver                                    Caesar salad/dressing/ croutons for 50

(3 large heads romaine)

Sean                          Caesar salad/dressing/croutons

(3 large heads romaine)

Abby                          meatballs (3-4 packages)

Freja                          garlic bread (3-4 loaves)

Ian                              pasta, 7 boxes spaghetti

Boden                       spaghetti sauce (3-4 jars)

Greta                                    Butter 1 lb., 3 cans Parmesan cheese,

Ellen                           cherry tomatoes/ dessert


In exchange for donating items your kinder will eat free and in exchange for helping in the kitchen so will you! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.