K News April 17, 2017

Hello K Families!                                                            April 17, 2017

Yay!!! We got our eggs last week and began incubating on Wednesday. That means that if we are super careful and a little lucky we will have some chickens and ducks hatching in a few weeks. Maybe even a turkey! We will candle the eggs this week to see if anything has started to grow. Also this week we will be journaling about the different stages of the development of the embryo, reading more fiction and non fiction stories about chickens and farm animals, continuing our read aloud of Charlotte’s Web and doing some art projects about chickens and eggs.

On Thursday, Abby is going to bring her horses to school for a special sharing and the kids may get an opportunity to sit or ride on them. Please let me know if you are NOT OK with your child participating in this activity.


On Friday we are sponsoring our final El Tioga. The menu is breakfast and of course eggs to go along with our current theme. As always I am hoping you can donate the food items below and in exchange your kindergartener will eat free. If you are available to come help prep, serve or clean on Friday please let me know ASAP. You guys have rocked this year helping in the kitchen and I totally appreciate it. This El tioga will be a little trickier but I think the kids will really enjoy the extra effort.


Nils                                         Bacon (4-6 packs)

Harper                                   Strawberries (6 boxes)

Kyra                                        Pineapple (6)

Gabriel                                 Eggs (6 dozen)

Memphis                              Pancakes (60-80) premade?

Bella                                      Bacon (4-6 packs)

Oliver                                                Real Maple Syrup I large bottle

Sean                                      Butter 4 sticks, shredded cheddar 2 large bags

Abby                                      Bacon (4-6 packs)

Freja                                      Eggs (6 dozen)

Ella                                         Real Maple Syrup, 1 large bottle

Ian                                          Eggs (6 dozen)

Boden                                   Bacon (4-6 packs)

Greta                                                Pancakes (60-80) premade?

Ellen                                       What ever is missing