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Hello K Families!                                                                      February 13, 2017


It was kind of crazy last week with school being cancelled on Thursday without a snowstorm. That was a first, but better safe than sorry. Unfortunately we were all ready for big event try-outs and then they got moved to February 22. The upside is that gives us more time to practice. The other thing that changed is our 100th day of school, which will be one day later. That means it will fall on February 22, the same day as tryouts. Traditionally we wear our pajamas to school, do some fun counting activities and games, have some special treats and share our collections of 100 things. Over the long weekend I am hoping that you can help your child assemble 100 items that they can share at school. Some examples are 100 pennies, cheerios, rubber bands, toy cars, nuts, or mini marshmallows. Some kids have glued their collections on to a poster board that they decorate. Others have just labeled their zip-lock bags.  We have been practicing counting by ones, fives, and tens at school. You can use any strategy you want to assist your child in getting to 100. I would encourage double-checking with them on their counting. We have been practicing this as well at school.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and we will be having a small, low-key, celebration in the afternoon. If your child wants to make Valentine’s for their classmates please make sure that they make one for each of them so no one feels left out. The following is a class list to help you.


Bella                                        Oliver

Ella                                           Gabriel

Freja                                        Nils

Abby                                       Memphis

Greta                                      Ian

Harper                                     Sean

Kyra                                         Boden


We will have a special snack in the afternoon if anyone wants to make something for that, just let me know today.

On Wednesday we will be going up to Aspen Mountain with ACES. The plan is to depart CCS on the minibus by 8:30. Arrive at Hallam Lake by 9:15. We will park there and meet our instructors, and then take the Galena Street Shuttle to the base of the gondola. We should be heading up on the gondola around 10:00 for a walk at the top on Richmond Ridge. After that we will eat lunch at the Sundeck and then head over to Ski Patrol around 12:15. We will learn about ski safety and hopefully meet the avalanche dogs. We will head down on the gondola around 1:15 so that we can be back at CCS by 3:00. Please confirm with me if you are coming. I could use 2-4 helpers. The kids need to bring a snack and bag lunch, and a water bottle in a backpack that they can carry. They will also need snow boots, snow pants, gloves, hat, and winter coat.



Upcoming dates

Feb. 17                        NO SCHOOL/teacher workday

Feb 18             Hoe down fundraiser for CCS

Feb. 20                        Presidents Day/NO SCHOOL

Feb. 22                        100th day of K and Big Event Try outs

Feb 23             CCS Open house/portfolio night