3-4 Update

We had a fun week last week- with our Read In and Halloween celebration. There are some photos below and a whole bunch more at: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOcFKK37hZWCG44fxF7dqvVMeAqzvV_SRrmBAbtE8DP_GTIf-Ot0uV5VEWzYQUtSA?key=RG92VjU1M3NBYmxrbHROY2llQnFCbVNSdUZfdTZR

Thanks to everyone for coming in for conferences. It was great to connect with you all.

Some upcoming items:

The Monster Dash is tomorrow. Please help your child remember running footwear and help them to get at least ONE pledge (though more is better  ;)

Next Friday, November 15, we will be hosting El Tioga. Please let us know if you can help prep, serve or clean up.

We still need 2 liter bottles. Please keep your eyes out!