3/4 News

-On Friday we had Logo Ligi African drummers/dancers visit us for All School Meeting. Here’s a great video of the kids getting down:  Video


-Also on Friday Sunlight Mountain Resort gave a ski/snowboard safety presentation to the fourth graders. The fourth graders went home with packets that include a voucher for a free season pass.

You can take this form to Sunlight Bike and Ski in downtown Glenwood Springs to get your child’s pass.
They will be issuing passes on weekends until the mountain opens.  (After that you’ll be able to go to the mountain any time to get the pass.) You might want to call ahead to confirm times.

We will be using these passes for a fourth grade ski day in December, and hopefully your family can get some use out of them as well.

-Fall Break will begin this Wednesday, with a noon release. Due to the short week, we won’t send any homework home, but please continue to read and practice math facts.

Conferences are next week, please sign up with Sandra.

-Upcoming Social Studies Project:  3rd and 4th graders are partnering up to dive into Colorado History. We started with learning about local Carbondale History. This week we will use map skills to take a walking field trip downtown to explore the historical buildings of Main Street. Then the same partners will study a biography of a famous Coloradan. They will present their projects in a living wax museum and, with Amber’s help, a musical production. The kids just started learning songs. They should have brought home songs to learn. Please practice these with your child. This presentation will happen sometime before winter break. We’ll keep you posted with details as it gets closer.

-In Science… We’ve begun our rocket project. We’ve been studying Newton’s Laws of Motion, and we’re starting to plan and build our prototypes to test different elements of rocket design. WE NEED TWO LITER BOTTLES!!!. If you have any, or come across any, please send them in.
-And, we finally have some ODE pictures to share (our camera was MIA for a while.) Check them out at this link: