Soaking in the Spring Sun!!

2/28  Quote of the Week, chosen by Coco, “Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.” – Lauren Bacall

The Scoop:

Third and fourth grade mathematicians have been working hard to understand grade level fraction concepts!  Third graders can represent fractions in different shapes by splitting them equally. They also can represent fractions on a number line.  They have been using the number line to find equivalent fractions and make observations about fractions that land on whole numbers. We even have been collecting measurement data to the nearest fourth inch and creating line plots that connect data to fractions on a number line.  

Fourth graders have been working on representing fractions as well.  They are then using these representations to compare fractions (greater, smaller, equal).  They are also working on skip counting by a fraction using a number line as support. This activity has proven to support their thinking on several levels – helping them to turn a fraction into mixed number, noticing patterns, and introducing them to the concept of multiplying fractions.


The historical fiction reading unit is entering its third and final section of the unit.  This final section has readers connect their learning about the historical time periods with the fictional stories.  So, combining fiction with non-fiction resources to support better understanding of the story and characters’ perspectives.  We will also be finishing a class read-aloud for this unit next week, which is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  If you haven’t read this beautifully written story, we encourage you to read it too!  While it is set during a difficult time in our history, it is also a story about friendship and bravery.  Then, talk to your child about what they think the theme (big idea) is and what evidence they have for that idea!

Upcoming Dates:

  • 3/4  Empty Bowls!
  • 3/6  XC Ski Day… and hopefully more!
  • 3/8  Daylight Saving Time = an hour of sleep is lost so take that into account with bedtimes ;)
  • 3/13  Aspen High Musical – We will be going to see Guys and Dolls in the morning!
  • 3/19, 3/20 Student Led Conferences
  • 3/23 – 3/30 Spring Break- No School
  • 4/3 Musical Tryouts
  • 4/30, 5/1 Musical 
  • 5/4 Rest Day- No School
  • 5/8 Assessment Day- No School
  • 5/19- 5/22 3-4 Outdoor Ed. to Canyonlands National Park

With Gratitude:

  • Thank you, Kathy Yang and Jenn Voorhees, for helping out on nordic ski days!  We have had some really beautiful Friday afternoons to ski in the sun!!
  • Thank you to all of you who came up to join us for the Canyonlands Information meeting.  We hope that we were able to answer your questions and give you a clear picture of this amazing outdoor education experience.  Please let us know if you have lingering questions.


  • We start our classroom activities at 8:03 each morning, thanks for having your child here on time so they can be part of the important morning routine. 
  • On Thursday hot lunch and El Tioga days please remember to send your child with a snack for mid-morning. 
  • Please put your names on food containers and water bottles. Kids don’t always remember which containers are theirs and we hate to see them go to waste.