See you at the Family Hoedown!

Happy Friday, everyone!

This week’s highlights include:

  • An all-school, K-8 cohort-based, “Everybody Writes, Everybody Shares” event.
  • Our first x-c ski outing.
  • Reading through so many series books that we’re needing more titles.
  • Valentine’s Day lovefest.
  • Math games at All School Meeting
  • Countless opportunities to use our tools, to navigate social ups and downs, and to grow our sense of belonging in our classroom community.

Upcoming highlights include:

  • The ACS/CCS Family Hoedown! Woohoo! See you at Cozy Point tomorrow afternoon/evening for some rockin’ good fun!
  • No school on Monday 2/17 – Presidents’ Day.
  • Our annual hearing and vision screening day is Tuesday 2/18. Please let us know if there’s any special information we should pass on to the visiting nurses about your child’s ears or eyes.

If you’re wondering why this update is more bland than updates past… we’ve put all of the juicy videos and pictures up on our private Facebook group page! Be sure to check out the Valentine’s Day, the ice skating, the reading, and the x-c skiing videos and photos… and know that more content is coming. An invite to this hidden group should have made its way to your inbox over the last day or so. Please let Kristina know if it didn’t, if you’d prefer to access the group through a different email account, or if you have any other questions or thoughts on the matter.

Happy weekend! See you at the Hoedown!