Local Support & Resources

Local Support & Resources

A List of Local Support and Resources for Parents, Students, and Teachers


Resources for Parents

Aspen Family Connections– a one-stop family resource center. Aspen Family Connections links families to a wide range of resources: academic and emotional support, financial assistance, extracurricular activities, summer camps and more.
Aspen Family Connections– 970.205.7025

Aspen Community FoundationCOVID 19 Regional Response Efforts
Healthcare and Essential Human Needs- (food, rent and utility services, emergency services for those impacted by the virus)

Mental Health and Wellness
Find Inner Strength and Cultivate Resilience– Movement as Medicine for Women

Connections: Aspen Hope Center
How to Talk about Mental Health

Aspen Strong Youth Toolkit– *directed at High School Students

Mindsprings– A community-based resource providing valuable articles and hands on support.




Free Counseling Support: Colorado Spirit is a FEMA-funded recovery program to provide disaster survivors with community-based outreach, stress and resilience education,and connection to mental health and other community resources.



Resources to share with Students

Upcoming classes: https://focusedkids.org/classes-workshops/



Resources for Teachers

Mindful Schools