School Safety

School Safety

On any given day, “Safe, welcome and included” is a motto that can be heard at the Aspen Community School.

The first word of this motto, “safe,” was top of mind when we renewed our commitment to school safety in the fall of 2015 by updating the school’s Crisis Response Plan .This plan is updated annually.

The ACS Crisis Response Plan is designed to provide a framework for planning, mitigation, response, and recovery when dealing with a crisis. It allows us to realize our #1 priority: keeping students and staff safe, while at the same time to comply with State law. The plan is based upon the Standard Response Protocol, the gold standard of emergency response models for schools, created by the I Love U Guys Foundation.

This plan was developed by the ACS Emergency Team, all of whom have received training from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the Incident Command System for Schools and Multi-Hazard Emergency Planning for Schools, as well as basic first aid.

The Emergency Team collaborated with the Colorado School Safety Resource Center, Pitkin County Sheriff and Emergency Management Departments, the Aspen Police Department, and the Aspen School District in the development of the Crisis Response Plan.