5-6 Update: Dancing, Artists, and Ski-a-thon

Celebrate the Beat: Our students just finished 3 weeks of challenge and risk-taking through dance, which culminated in an incredible dance performance last Tuesday. The theme of this year’s dance was famous artists and the 5-6 dance celebrated the work of Picasso. In Language Arts, students have been completing research projects on famous artists of their choice and will be finishing this work by creating and presenting a website showcasing their writing.

Ski-a-thon: On Friday, 5-6 students will participate in a middle school ski-a-thon on Tiehack lift at Buttermilk. Students are asking for donations to support their 8th grade service trip to San Francisco. This day offers a unique opportunity for team-building outside with classmates while also fundraising for an important 8th grade experience. Stay tuned for details about an upcoming ski day with Snowmass Ski Patrol in a few weeks!


5th and 6th grade girls and teachers prepare for Celebrate the Beat.