Yellow Buttons & New Year Reflections

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It is New Year’s Eve. Can you believe another year has passed? Our planet is making the final axis rotation of the orbit today and will start the journey all over again tomorrow. So will we. It is kind of mindblowing. 

This is a good time to reflect on the past year. While it is easy to recall obstacles, hardships, and the plethora of inconveniences, our ACS community has done something remarkable. We have remained united in our commitment to lifelong learning.

Students are getting smarter everyday because teachers and parents are partners in supporting student learning. We focus on the way we are with one another- saying things like “good morning”, “thank you” and at times, “something went wrong, let’s start again.” Together, we have marched through every important tradition from the Halloween carnival and Veterans Day to the Winter Festival. These seemingly simple actions are the things that bring us purpose, connection, joy, and the feeling of sunshine despite the outside weather or surrounding conditions.

Thank you to all our students, teachers, parents, and community members for your engagement and support of our school. Thank you for showing up to paint the buttons yellow. Looking forward to a wonderful New Year.

* Click here for a list of NYE reflection questions for families