Looking back & then forward

If you could go back one year ago and give yourself advice, what would it be?

This month marks the one year anniversary of COVID-19’s arrival. Looking back at emails and calendar appointments from this span of time just a year ago, I am not going to lie, a little post traumatic stress arises…but is quickly quelled by an enormous feeling of pride. Pride in our community, our hardworking supportive parents, our unrelenting passionate teachers, and not to be forgotten- our resilient students.

In the face of uncertain times, anchoring ourselves in rituals, traditions, and values provided certainty. The spirit of lifelong learning allowed us all to adapt to Zoom, cohorting, unusual classroom spaces, distance learning Wednesdays, daily health screeners, self-quarantining, and new traffic patterns. We did it!!! And together, we will continue to find ways to say “yes” to the things that matter most.

ACS will continue to practice:

  • Our rituals: Handshakes, class meetings, a schedule designed for students, All School Meetings and Read Alouds
  • Our traditions: Back to School Night, the Halloween costume contest, the Winter Festival, Parent/Teacher conferences, Student-led conferences, Empty Bowls, the Spring Musical and 8th Grade Graduation
  • Our values: Positive student/teacher relationships, lifelong learning, literacy, math, the arts, and high expectations for how we treat one another

The advice we have lived by this past year is something we knew pre-pandemic. Perhaps we know it on an even deeper level now: When this time is over, we will quickly forget the technology headaches, unfinished assignments, and decline in hygiene. We will remember how we felt- how we were treated, and how we treated one another. 

Thank you to the entire ACS Community for your grace, strength and unity. Let’s buckle up and continue to work together for our ACS students. The best is yet to come.