Connect and Excite

On April 1st, we launched into Distant Learning with brave uncertain teachers, excited uncertain students, and supportive uncertain parents. We set out to accomplish this goal: To connect with students and excite them about learning.

A virtual classroom building was built for students to enter each morning and “shake” the principal’s hand by answering the Handshake Question. Teachers created ways to pull their entire class together; forming a safe place for students to share the positive things in their lives and seek support when they are feeling low. Daily schedules were built in hopes of giving students and their families a routine to hang onto. All School Read Alouds and All School Meetings secured their place on Friday mornings.

Is it perfect? No, not even close. We would give anything to be back in our building with everyone but until that is possible, we are going to do what we’ve always done. Our sleeves are rolled up and we are focusing on what really matters. During these unclear times, there is clarity in our ACS rituals, traditions, and values. ACS will continue to practice:

  • Our rituals: Handshakes, class meetings, a schedule designed for students, All School Meetings and Read Alounds
  • Our traditions: Traditions will look different this year but we will celebrate student learning AND we will host 8th Grade Graduation
  • Our values: Postive student/teacher relationships, lifelong learning, reading, math, the arts, and high expectations for how we treat one another

When this time is over, we will quickly forget the technology headaches, unfinished assignments, and our decline in hygiene. We will remember how we felt- how we were treated, and how we treated one another. If any group of people were prepared to handle this challenging time with grace, it is us. We have the right tools and we know what matters.

Let the little things go, be kind to yourselves and eachother, and let’s continue to work together for the ACS students. Let’s connect and excite.

Please join us for All School Meeting this Friday at 8:30 a.m. With a hint of luck our membership will update to allow 500 participants! Many apologies to those who were unable to join due to our 100 participant limit. Many cheers that we reached 100 participants in 3 minutes!

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