Buckle Up!

Happy New Year!
If you have not taken a moment to celebrate yourselves, now is the time! As a community, we have handled countless disruptions, rule changes, and inconviences in stride. Your steadiness has allowed resilience and flexiblity to thrive. Our children are stronger, more adaptable, and have a greater appreciation for their families, friends, and school life. Take the compliment. Your engagement and support have turned living through a pandemic into an opportunity for growth and learning.
And now, it is time to buckle up! School begins via distance learning for all students on Tuesday, January 5th at 9:00 a.m.
We cannot wait to welcome every student back to school. Our school has adapted to many changes this year yet our mission of fostering lifelong learning remains the same. We do this by focusing on three intersecting domains: academic excellence, building strong relationships and engaging students in relevant curriculum. As the second semester begins, here is what you can expect:
Academic Excellence– We have the best teachers on the planet because they are constantly working on becoming better. This year, our entire staff has invested in shared professional development focused on customizing learning, 100% engagement, and increased student motivation. Look out kids- our goal is to eliminate the “I don’t know” response! You can learn more about our professional development work with Connie Hamilton by clicking here or by asking any teacher at ACS.
Relevance– What is more relevant than being in school with your teachers and peers? The central area is littered with paper chains representing the books students are reading. The days are filled with science and history projects, writing celebrations, cracking the code on linear equations or the order of operations, skating on the ice rink, catching air on the sledding hill, aimlessly walking around the playground with your friends, and finding ways to give to others. These are meaningful experiences that we cherish and there are more to come.
Relationships– Positive teacher-student relationships are the key to unlocking student learning. We adore your children. We notice new haircuts and outfits, shifts in thinking, and when the going gets tough. We cannot wait to reconnect and set the tone together for this upcoming semester.
*Please help/encourage your student(s) set up a quiet productive study space prior to Tuesday morning. We are ready to jump back into the business of learning! See you on Tuesday morning.