Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindergarten 2022-23 

Highlights from the week before Thanksgiving: It was nice to have a solid 5 day week with fun times outside and reading before the day starts!

Literacy: In reading we finished Unit 2. Unit 3 starts right after break and is all about growing our reading “Superpowers!” 

In writing we learned about spaces between words. Right after break they will learn how to write more sentences using snap words, then Unit 2 will be wrapping up. Unit 3 is all about writing more in depth personal narratives.  

Math: We finished up Unit 3, 2D Geometry, and we started learning concepts about place value before break started. Unit 4 is called  Collect, Count, and Measure 2.  The focus of this unit is on counting and representing sets of up to 15 objects, applying counting skills by using multiple units to measure and compare lengths, decomposing numbers in many different ways, and beginning to make sense of the operations of addition and subtraction. Students count as they measure and compare the lengths of shoes, strips of tape, and other objects. They act out story problems and play games that involve counting, comparing, and finding the total when a small amount is added or taken away. Students investigate combinations of numbers as they arrange tiles and explore different ways a set of two-color counters can land. They consider how notation can represent these situations.


Wellness: Our Literacy Committee has begun a reading initiative integrating the Toolbox. We will look for phrases in books that remind us of the following social emotional traits: kindness, compassion, empathy, tolerance, or resilience. If you come across a phrase falling into one of those categories, jot it down and send it in! We will write quotes on the windows! Next week’s Homeful will cover it as well. 

Gratitude:  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you were able to connect and relax with family and friends. 

Up and Coming Fun Stuff: 

    • Gift Giving for Family Visitor Center – Ks organize a gift drive for needy families in the valley – look for more details this week!
  • Nighttime Musical Performance – Will most likely be on Weds., Dec. 14 at 5:30 – pencil it in, and we will confirm this week.
  • Cross Country Skiing – in January we will start cross country skiing on as many Wednesdays as we can. We have all the needed gear at school. More details later. 
  • Field trip to Anderson Ranch – We are working on setting this up for early-mid Feb. on a Wednesday. We will ask CCS Ks to join us as well!

Important Dates:

Fri., Dec. 16 – Teacher Work Day – NO SCHOOL

Mon., Dec. 19 – Sun. Jan. 1 – Winter Break

Mon. Jan. 2 – Teacher Work Day – NO SCHOOL

Tues. Jan. 3 – First Day Back for students

Mon. Jan 16 – MLK Day – NO SCHOOL

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Margaret, Ali, and Daniele