6th Grade Outdoor Ed Trip

We’re back to school this week after a challenging and fun outdoor ed trip! We hiked to a beautiful lake just below Midway Pass, carried snow fence down from Mountain Boy, spent a day rock climbing, and worked together to cook and camp as a group. We also spent time exploring our campsite, hiked to Lost Man Reservoir, completed a chair-building art project with Hilary F., and played lots of group games with Sabre. Our focus for the week was inclusion, and we spent lots of time integrating this into discussions and activities so that it will carry over into our time in the classroom this year. We also helped students to become more independent by allowing them to take more responsibility for themselves and their belongings while camping.
We were very impressed with the 6th graders’ abilities to work together as a group and to be able to respond to challenging situations with resilience and kindness. Hopefully everyone had a restful weekend and is ready for a productive and challenging year at school!
More pictures to come, but for now I’ve included one of the group on our Mountain Boy service project.